I did make it out of the house yesterday and saw THE FALLEN IDOL at Film Forum. It was the last day it was playing, so the sense of urgency (it’s not out on DVD) helped trump the inertia I’d cultivated all week.

So, the movie: It was fantastic. The 1948 collaboration of Graham Greene and Carol Reed (who would later give us THE THIRD MAN together), it’s set in and around an embassy in England and told from the point of view of a little boy. Bobby Henrey, who was born in France and raised in England, speaks with a french accent, runs around in short pants, hides his pet snake from his tyrranical maid, worships his butler, and is unbearably adorable, even when he almost gets his butler arrested and especially when he buries his face in the bosom of a hooker.

All in all, definitely worth leaving the house for. Today, The Confederate States of America is on deck.


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