It was so very pleasant walking over the bridge this morning. Brisk but sunny. I got half-way through Seamus’new mix, which is fabulous. Looking forward to listening to the rest of it on the way home.

I am still recovering from the Oscars. Daltron and I went with Micah
to The Zombie Hut Oscar party, and I managed to stay awake way past my
Sunday night bedtime.
Today has been blissfully uneventful, which is a relief after
yesterday. During my first class a girl attacked a boy (allegedly he
called her an idiot) during a discussion of don Quijote. Whenever
anything of the sort happens, I spend the rest of the day with a
stomachache, and suffer exhaustion that spills over into the next day.

So maybe it’s not just the post-Oscar hangover. I feel slower today.
Waiting for the last minute to tick by. (What do you say in place of
“tick” when it’s a digital clock?)

At last!


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