Happy Humpday

In the interest of balanced coverage, I need to give props to my day
today. Granted, I am worn-out to the point of feeling wobbly from
yesterday’s Albany trip. Nevertheless I am delighted to report that:

1. My supervisor observed me teaching Drinky McDrinkerson’s class
today. We had a don Quijote-based lesson and everyone was really
engaged and participated.
2. My class that can do no wrong did no wrong.
3. Punchy McPuncherson and Fighty Fightstein’s class showed a
surprisingly great deal of interest in pronouns, which was our subject
4. A very naughty student (whom I like a lot) in my sixth period class
was touched almost to the point of tears when I told him that he
hasn’t done anything that would warrant my sending him to the dean; he
said it’s the nicest thing a teacher has said to him since fifth
5. My last period class worked non-stop in silence on their assignment.


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