An update

You know that chemically-treated paper that has replaced carbon copies in brave-old 21st century bureaucracies? It seems the assistant principal in charge of the budget at my school is unfamiliar with how it works: pressure from above creates duplicates of what you've written on the underlying, special paper. It seems too that he had something to say about the UFT Lobby Day I went to last week. The day I had to fill out one of those chemically-treated forms in triplicate in order to attend. I got my (yellow) copy back this morning, and faint but still legible in the upper left-hand corner I read his angst-filled missive:

"We pay teachers to rally? Will many more follow? This is insane."

And then he signed his name.

I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure he was writing to the principal, as she signed off on it. I am fairly certain it was not intended for me to read. (Or was it…)


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