Che’s Advice

I guess what Che said to me yesterday about controlling my class really made more of an impact on me than I thought. While I didn’t bust out the smacking yardstick or the non-stop yelling, I did crack down more on people popping out of their seats (threatening them with 5 points off their next test proved rather effective) during group work.

I also re-organized the groups. Previously, I’d tried to vary the abilities within a group, but what ended up happening was that the slackers not only slacked, but also annoyed the hell out of the workhorses. This time I grouped workers with workers, slackers with slackers. Astonishingly, everyone actually worked. Perhaps the slackers were shy to not hand in any work at all, wheras when they’re in a group with real students they can hide behind the other kids’ work.

Whatever the case, today was much better, and tomorrow we get to see the sequel to Nueba Yol.


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