A Thinking Chick’s Flick

I was not terribly enamored of Nicole Holofcener’s sophomore effort, Lovely and Amazing . Much to my delight Friends With Money picks up, style-wise, where her debut Walking and Talking left off.

Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack and Frances McDormand have money. Jennifer Aniston, as a former private high school teacher who cracked under the stress of rich teens tossing quarters at her in a “ha-ha, your car sucks” kind of way, does not. I imagined the lot meeting in college, where everyone at least pretends to be broke, and remaining friends afterwards.

Watching the movie gave me the same feeling I had ten years ago with Walking and Talking: I had license to gawk and eaves-drop for an hour and a half, and none of the self-involved people I spied on was bothered, if they noticed. The turns of plot are all slight and ordinary, which makes the snooping feel all the more real.


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