My Favorite Holiday, seconda parte

My aunt and uncle are visiting from Italy, so I thought they might enjoy my favorite holiday. My uncle was too worn out from his trip to the Intrepid, but my aunt was game.  On the walk there we ran into a happy little boy licking a cone. My aunt, who knows very little English, said "Free?" to him. "Yeah!" he gleefully replied. But then he turned a bit serious: "There's a REALLY long line."

The line was, in fact, quite short for free cone day (25 minutes of waiting, tops). Mesmerized (Baffled?) by the  flavor choices, my aunt settled on the exotic-to-her butter pecan, which she proclaimed  "saporito!' (tasty). I had the very delicious half baked frozen yogurt, which did not have anything yogurt-y anywhere in its DNA, but it seemed less likely to immediately give me an arterial blockage. 

Maybe I'm getting too old for free cone day… 


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