One Blockbuster Does Not a Summer Make

And yet, despite the somewhat chilly temperature today, I feel as if we're well on our way to my favorite season.

I submit the following evidence, in no particular order:

1. The Boyd's annual Kentucky Derby Party, which last year began its residence at Magnetic Field, was a sea of lovely hats, wagering fun, and over-all mint julep-inspired revelry. Once I've been to the Derby party, the days that separate it from the true start of summer (a.k.a the last day of classes: June 29 this year) don't really register. Those juleps are strong, yo.

2. Daltron and I caught our first summer blockbuster: M:I:III. As a big Lost fan, I was psyched that J.J. Abrams co-wrote and directed it. His fingerprints were ALL over it. I swear Tom Cruise was even channeling Matthew Fox in some scenes. It was a fun ride and hopefully a harbinger of a good summer flick crop (Pirates of the Carribean with my new movie beau Johnny Depp!) Philip Seymour Hoffman made a great creepy bad guy, and Cruise's crack team had fun with their supporting roles. Michelle Monaghan, Cruise's movie wife, was fine too, but I could not shake the feeling that someone had put Liv Tyler in a dryer for too long, shrinking her and rendering her slightly less luminous.

3. On Sunday, hungover from our post-derby revelry (Days of Thunder Drinking Game), I alternated between napping and reading/doing the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I'm not convinced I'm teachable, but what the hell. Everyone needs a self improvement project in the summer.


7 thoughts on “One Blockbuster Does Not a Summer Make

  1. Much as I love missles and car chases and things that go boom and the idea of Philip Seymour Hoffman as an action-movie villian, I just can’t do the Cruise anymore. I actually had a thunderous epiphany in the midst of the second Mission Impossible that it makes me angry to watch him because no matter how much I hate him, he’ll always love himself more. Later I went to see “Vanilla Sky” because he I heard he became hideously deformed in it, but it didn’t help.

    I did end up seeing and liking Minority Report, I admit. But I don’t think I can handle the lethal levels of Cruiseiness inherent in this picture. Glad you enjoyed it though.


  2. Yeah, Tom Cruise really gets on my nerves. Especially now that he’s a producer, too, you know that every movie he’s in is going to be a Cruise wank-fest. You can tell that it’s painful to him if he’s not in every single scene!

    War of the Worlds was like that too. I didn’t like that movie. Days of Thunder, though – now that’s a movie!

  3. For full disclosure, this was actually Year 3 at the Field for Derby. But no doubt, the juleps were strong if a bit on the sweet side. People may talk about summer running from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but where I come from, summer starts on the first Saturday in May. Awwwww yeah.

  4. I thought “War of the Worlds” was one of the best movies of ’05, and Cruise’s character growth was one of the reasons why. But I’m with Josh — this looks like too much Cruise. Also, M:I2 blew with Woo.

    I’m ready for some Xmen3.

  5. Curious where you came across the art work for your Derby invite? It is by an NYC illustrator named Alli Arnold, an ex-girlfriend of mine. She drew it for me for the cover of a Deby mix cd that I made in 2001 or 2002.

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