Teacher Appreciation Week

When I got to work this morning there were students at the teacher mailboxes, putting business card-sized notes that said something like “We appreciate the ROLL you play in our learning,” and signed ” Student Government.” I love a bad pun, especially when it refers to the tootsie ROLL stapled to the note.

Also inside my mailbox was a letter from the incomparably sexy Chancellor Joel Klein.
I know he probably sent the same letter to all the teachers. I know he signed it “Sincerely,” and not “Hugs and Kisses.”
Still, it felt personal somehow. That quote at the top: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” (Henry Adams). That was to ME! That was personally directed to me!
Let’s face it: it was a nervous love note to me from the chancellor. He digs me. Now, I’m married, but I’m still flattered. I hear you, Joely baby. Next time, send a simple card. No need to kill so many trees trying to cover your tracks.


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