Deux Tatou

I spent the weekend with Audrey Tatou. On Friday she was an English-speaking Parisian cryptologist who favored a sexy librarian style and came from a good background. Sunday she was a French-speaking, boho-styled eco-activist single mother who thanked her ex-boyfriend for babysitting by telling him his life pursuits were meaningless.

The DaVinci Code movie was more like reading the book than reading the book was. I think Ron Howard and Dan Brown should be forced to marry.

Russian Dolls, the follow-up to L'Auberge Espagnole, was the rare sequel that is slightly more interesting than the first. I didn't love L'Auberge, and I decided to see the sequel because it was playing at the IFC Film Center, near Joe's Pizza, and near the CVS that sells my favorite gum.


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