Movie Binge: This is a Challenge?

There is a team of people who are setting up a "challenge" for themselves that they call Movie Binge: to see every movie that comes out between Memorial and Labor Day. There are six people participating right now, and they will have "guest" bingers. They will split the duties among them.

I'm sorry, but this merits bragging? I don't call that a movie binge; I call it "summer," and I don't need to split the duties.

UPDATE: Here is their very demanding schedule.  My grandfather could do this, and he's 91 and can't sit for more than half an hour at a time.


3 thoughts on “Movie Binge: This is a Challenge?

  1. I agree … where’s the frickin’ challenge? Six people, seeing a maximum of six movies a week. That’s what, like one movie per person, per week? (math is my specialty in college).

    Although, they’re going to see the Garfield movie. That does take some pretty serious balls.

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