What I See

1. Empty 8 oz. water bottle I’ve been filling and refilling all week.
2. Olive green pashmina I bought at Conway the other day because it was a cold June morning.
3. My June timecard – I worked overtime three days.
4. Small translucent garbage can that is always full.
5. Two laminated signs on yellow paper: “Dear Teachers Please Sort Your Trash,” and “Paper”.
6. A printer I have never known to work.
7. Lime green and black Ikea chairs that pull apart all too easily.
8. Another Mac.
9. The corner marble-top table and chair that I like to sit at when I’m doing work.
10. Six dark-brown, five-drawer file cabinets, labeled with teachers’ names.
11. A care package for a soldier in Afghanistan.
12. A broken-down end table.
13. A linen pillow.
14. A modish black pleather couch.
15. Framed pictures.
16. A dirty, glued-down carpet.
17. A free-standing coat rack – white, with a gauzy white curtain.
18. The door.
19. A green-capped pen.
20. Acoustic ceiling tile, white with a large rusty patch.
21. Fake sunflowers.
22. A mostly empty seltzer bottle.
23. A clock – it’s five to four.
24. A silver cookie tin that says “Tai Pan Cookies”.
25. Red and white fake flowers.
26. A bag from Crate and Barrel.
27. The Bible.
28. Goldbeck’s Guide to Good Food.
29. A crowded bulletin board.
30. A plaque that says “TEACHERS 440G”.
31. Freshly emptied recycling bins.
32. The Newview Almanac.
33. Two mostly spent bottles of Fantastik.
34. A desklamp we never turn on.
35. An oval wood-veneer table.
36. Four mirrors glued to the wall in a checkerboard pattern.
37. A fire extinguisher wearing an orange nylon sarong and a green and white wool cap and scarf.
38. A flyer for last night’s Bergtraum night at Otto’s Shrunken Head.
39. A figurine of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.
40. The sign-up sheets for seeing the movie about a suicidal gay teen, Trevor.
41. Another clock – it’s 4:05 now.
42. A broken phone.
43. A working phone.
44. A pin-up of Jeter and A-Rod, side-by-side, without the “Who’s Cuter?” vote underneath. (Jeter won.)
45. A broken built-in clock with a mint-green sheet of typing paper taped over it.
46. A short silver refrigerator.
47. A microwave.
48. A red vacuum noone uses.
49. Two big tote bags on the floor.
50. One of the pen and pencil carousels we got for teacher appreciaton week.


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