A Prairie Home Companion

So sad, on the first day after the solstice. The days are incrementally shortening and depression incrementally seeps in. To cheer things up, I ditched work at 11:30, had lunch at Wo-Hop (mmm…MSG headache…) with some pals from work, walked over the bridge and saw the Garrison Keillor/Robert Altman love/deathfest.

I was initially put off because the people filming Spiderman 3 (what comes after electric bugaloo?) had morphed the marquee at my beloved Cobble Hill Cinemas had into something called "Stuyvesant Cinema".

I knew that Spiderman 3 was filming in the hood, but I did not know it was going to interfere with the afternoon's activities. (Fortunately, it didn't).

The movie was alright.


2 thoughts on “A Prairie Home Companion

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