Nacho Libre

I have a terrible confession: I was inches from seeing Click today. Inches! I mean, it was playing at Cobble Hill, so it would have cost but $6. Nacho Libre, on the other hand, would set me back $7. The two flicks both received failing metacritic scores – Nacho was higher by 7 – and my thrift nearly let Sandler pin Black in the cinematic wrestling match for my movie dollars.

Thankfully, I realized that I like Black a lot more than Sandler, and thus sprung for the more expensive movie.

Which was awesome, by the way. I only wish my grandmother were still alive. She loved wrestling, especially Mexican wrestling, and I think she would really have liked this movie.

The fight choreography was so good, I think I came to understand her fascination with it. Also, the score and the soundtrack rocked. (Even if, Beck, you broke my heart. You know why.)


4 thoughts on “Nacho Libre

  1. I cracked up through Nacho Libre, although, being someone who doesn’t like violence in any form I could have done without watching the wrestling scenes. Jack Black is a comedic genius!

    Hey, thank you for adding me to your blogroll. Do you have a regular email where folks can contact you?

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