Superman Returns, Wears Prada

Half way through Bryan Singer’s very very long Superman Returns I had finished my soda and snacks. With my oral distractions subtracted, I could give the movie my undivided attention.

That was a mistake.

It took some scanning of my mental mood magnet


(anxious? frightened? confused?)

to identify the feeling I was experiencing: boredom. But how? Studly superhero? Check.

Wittily cast indie movie queen? Check. Doggie cannibalism? Check. Explosive effects, adorable precocious moppet, and Eva Marie Saint? Check, check, check.

And yet, absent something to chew on, I was bored bored bored. So, do yourself a favor if you must see Superman Returns: get the bucket o’ popcorn and the drink that’s too big to fit in the cup holder.

On the other nattily gloved hand, The Devil Wears Prada is entertaining enough to see sans snacks. Perhaps a diet soda and some sugarless some gum for the dull scenes between Anne Hathaway and her laddie love Adrian Grenier, but definitely no buttery popcorn. This is, after all, a movie where Meryl Streep refers to Anne Hathaway as “the smart fat girl”.


3 thoughts on “Superman Returns, Wears Prada

  1. Agree 100%. It’s slow, and the 20 minutes of action scenes don’t make up for 90 minutes of reconciliation between Lois and Superman. Also, was Kate Bosworth the best possible choice to play a Pulitzer Prize winner with a decade of backstory and a five-year-old kid?

    Feh. Looking forward to “Wordplay” and “Strangers with Candy” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” Enough of this superhero crap.

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