Eat a Flag Today

Here is my contribution to this evening’s Independece Day barbecue:

flag fruit salad

Why has no senator introduced banning flag eating as an amendment?

Here’s how to make it:

  • Toss 5 sliced bananas in lemon juice (or your flag will be red brown and blue).
  • Arrange about 35 blackberries in the upper left-hand corner of a serving tray. These are the stars.
  • Arrange lemony banana slices onto the rest of the tray. Shoot for as many stripes as will fit.
  • Top bananas with quartered (or halved, if they’re small) strawberries. Spear together with toothpicks.

Note: If you are not serving this immediately, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

I wish I’d had fancier toothpicks…


One thought on “Eat a Flag Today

  1. I am just … amazed at the delicious beauty of this treat. I think whipped cream stripes would be nice, although obviously not as good for you.

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