I am on sabbatical from the business I started with a friend back in 2007 and have been running solo since 2008. I do not imagine I will return to the back-breaking craft fair circuit I used to frequent, since my back is indeed in a fragile state. I still have some work around town in some shops, though they are running out and I am not replenishing their stock right now. I do have some work left here but I have not made anything new in a long time.

I spent a lot of money and energy this summer reaching out to new shops, but that was a bust. Perhaps I picked the wrong shops, or the wrong means (postcards) of reaching out. Or perhaps it was time for a break, which is what I settled on.

During 2010 I was in overdrive with a move into a home we own, a renovation, an intensive business class, a first wholesale show, and a share at the bustling Union Square Holiday Market. Not to mention a big high school reunion.

All of which felt like too much all at once and none of which I felt ready for. I suppose I am glad I did it all, but I can’t say that given those opportunities again under those circumstances, that I would do it again.

More than a year later I feel like I am still recovering.


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