Story Structure

The meat of the book Story Engineering by Larry Brooks is the section on story structure.  Weighing in at 94 pages, it covers the four parts of a story (setup, response, attack, resolution) in depth.

The Setup
The setup is where you introduce your hero and establish stakes. It ends with the first plot point, which should launch your story.

The Response
The hero reacts to the first plot point here, but it should be more of a plan to act than really moving into grand heroics.

The Attack
The hero tries to fix things, acting decisively. This part ends with the second plot point, which turns the heat up on the hero.

The Resolution
The hero needs to drive the resolution.

The Six Most Important Words in Storytelling
1. Compelling
2. Hero
3. Conflict
4. Context
5. Architecture
6. Resolution

For homework, check out The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You’ll Ever See That Fits on One Page.


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