The one aspect of The Artist’s Way that has never jived with me is that much of Julia Cameron’s advice is predicated on the existence of a higher power, and I am more of a believer in science than in God.

Perhaps that is why I have been putting off writing about the book’s final chapter, because it deals chiefly with the faith and mystery that underlie the creative process.

What does speak to me in the section on Trust: “If we look back at the times when the world seemed to be a capricious and untrustworthy place, we see that we were ourselves ambivalent and conflicted in our goals and behaviors…..When we are on our right path, we have a surefootedness. We know the next right action – although not necessarily what is just around the bend.”

Right now I am in the dark on uneven ground, unsure of the next right action. And I am trying to find the  right path by trying everything I’m interested in, and pursuing the things that seem to feel right and exciting. Even if I have no idea where they will lead me.


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