You Can’t be a Loser if you Don’t Compete

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately: How it feels to have a regular job when I read so much online and in magazines about people crafting their ideal careers, a delicious cocktail of personal passion/sense of purpose/limitless earning potential.

And how having a regular job where you work for someone else feels so uninspired compared to people who forge their own way.

In part I chose to pursue teaching rather than writing as a career because I saw it as more stable, but also because I thought there would be less competition involved. And to be sure there is. However, I’ve come to realize something which is probably obvious to most people, but I can be a little slow to process sometimes: any job, anywhere, involves competing. You may be competing for resources or prestige rather than gigs, but you’re still competing. You can’t avoid it. So you’re better off going after what it is you’re really excited about rather than sidling up to something to avoid competing and losing.

Because then you’ve definitely lost.


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