The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie is a departure from his earlier work in that it is a scripted comedy. I am a big fan of his earlier no-holds-barred productions, where he incorporated interactions with unsuspecting dupes into his fictionalized world, and I worried a more traditionally made film would pale in comparison.

Thankfully, The Dictator is a brilliantly executed satire.  Sacha Baron Cohen’s Admiral General Aladeen is hilarious, and the supporting roles of Zoey and Nadal, played by Anna Farris and Jason Mantzoukas respectively, are deftly played.

I was especially won over by the rousing speech Aladeen gives before the United Nations, where the writers espouse some thinly-veiled Occupy Wall Street-type rhetoric by putting it in the mouth of the dictator.

The Dictator had me laughing at “terrorist misunderstanding” jokes. Out loud. By myself at the movies. It is super funny. Go see it now. Or suffer the repercussions.


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