Yes, Emperor Palpatine of the Star Wars saga. He more bears more than a passing resemblance to someone I work with, and I have decided s/he (for it is a woman he looks like) embodies all that is wrong with my job.  And why despite being terrified because I am not certain what comes next, I am more and more convinced that I cannot stay here.

Because here there is no forethought. Here there is no planning. Here there is constant putting out fires. Here there is blame, heaps and heaps of it. Heaped by people who are ignorant, who ask for and expect diametrically opposite things.

I am trying to be optimistic of what opportunity might lie ahead once I leave here behind.

I Like New York in June

‘I Like New York in June’ by wabisabibrooklyn

How about you?

Birds on a Wire Striking Cop…


BROOKLYN New York City Distr…




New York, New York 5×5 Print…


Cities of Long Island Print


EMPIRE STATE (New York) 14&q…


PARK by internationally reco…


The Bike


SALE Black Silk Cotton Skir…


Tree – 16×24 Gallery Wrap Ca…


Marie Corset Blouse Black an…


Self Portrait with Andy Warh…


Statue of Liberty Wall Decal…


New York Destination Print 2…


A close model of the absolut…


Leather Wristlet with Vintag…


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How About You?


This is often how I feel when I run. Or jog. Because I rarely go faster than an 11 minute mile. And I often hurt my back and have to soak in an epsom salt bath. And I hate to stretch. And maybe stretching is not so necessary any way? Back in December I hurt my back so badly that I could barely walk for about six weeks, which threw me a serious curveball vis a vis my fitness.

And still I try to jog at least once a week. Because it’s so efficient at combatting a multitude of sins.


I’ve been counting down the days til summer break all year long. As of 5/21 I have 17 school days left.

This song from the early days of Sesame Street plays in my head whenever I calculate the days remaining. Its trippy graphics and groovy Pointer Sisters-voiced tune made a big impression on me at a young age. Its intense awesomeness has made everything since pale in comparison.