Podcasts I love: Making it with Riki Lindhome

Making It with Riki Lindhome is delightful. My favorite is the two part episode with Pete Holmes.

Improv Wisdom

I am reading Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson, an improvisor and professor who is very thoughtful about how the elements of improv might work off the stage. Each chapter is a maxim, and I’ve listed them below. They provide a handy little overview of her focus:

Say yes
Don’t prepare
Just show up
Start anywhere
Be average
Pay attention
Face the facts
Stay on course
Wake up to the gifts
Make mistakes, please
Act now
Take care of each other
Enjoy the ride

It reminds me of the wisdom prints by artist Suzanne L. Vinson.

Improv Performance

Somehow, less than a year after taking a beginning improv class in an attempt to deal with the crippling stage fright I’d begun to experience when speaking before groups of parents on curriculum nights, I find myself in the fourth class of the improv series at the Upright Citizens Brigade training center. And in 401 we have not one but THREE performances.

It is a testament to the efficacy of improv in dealing with my stage fright that I am now suggesting anyone I know come to the show.

When: Saturday July 14, 5:30pm
Where: 153 East 3rd Street, at the UCBEast Theatre

Just be sure to sit where I can’t see you or you may witness a world class regression. Unless that’s your thing, in which case, knock yourself out.